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January 20, Leave a comment Views. Udom Emmanuel. No question. Governor Udom Emmanuel is smarting away with a bagful of triumphs at all fronts. Winning has been his way if you check out. Besides the confirmatory victory he has secured at the Supreme Court over his needlessly challenged victory at the governorship election, the successful levelling of the tall and stubborn mountain that the Uyo-Ikot Ekpene Road once was must be another golden feather on his catalogue of victories.

Baring what last minute finishing touches still remain and when the official schedule of commissioning shall be out, it can authoritatively be reported that the once always-in-the news 25km Uyo-Ikot Ekpene dual carriage way has been taken to the Four Point Sheraton Hotel, Ikot Ekpene, the initial terminal target of this important road that links Akwa Ibom to the east and beyond.

This road that was once claimed to have been commissioned is actually going to be commissioned for the first time. To reach this point in the construction narrative of the road, there have been fireworks between the past and the present, between Truth and lies. Not until facts and figures expectedly surfaced from the stable of the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Works, at a point the true story of the project was like the imagination of the true shape of the elephant by the proverbial four blind men, each of whom gave peculiar descriptions based on tactile deductions on what the gigantic mammal looks like.

Plainly, the storyline of the road divided Akwa Ibom into camps, the gullible ones relentlessly championing their arguments especially when tipsy from the crispy wine of sentimental politics. But there were basically two popular strings of argument. The first, the most speculative, was about the extent to which work on the road had gone before its glamorous commissioning by the immediate past governor of the State, the copyright initiator of the project, Mr.

Godswill Akpabio. The offensive school of thought contended that by the time the project was commissioned on May 20, as part of the swansong of that administration, work had been fully completed on 18kms of the road.

The second, which was generously seasoned with innuendoes and, according to pundits, driven by political stimulus of the election, centred on claims by Sen. Akpabio that his successor, Gov. Incidentally, those hypersonic missiles which analysts said were signs of things to come in saw Governor Udom Emmanuel leapt out of his diplomatic zone of courteous taciturnity and vehemently countered the spurious claims.

Reprisals from government quarters were immediate, direct, hard and statistical. By this time, Gov. Udom has already proven that he is naturally not a man given to sentimental criticisms and inconsequential debates. Characteristically reticent, the sanctimonious bedlam by his predecessor must have forced the governor into tackling the flaming assumptions with facts and figures. Among the reasons offered was that the project had not been abandoned but was simply a hapless victim of the unfortunate national economic meltdown that heralded his first term in office.

In corroboration, the Commissioner for Works, known to be vocal and bold with details, devotedly spilled the beans not necessarily to spite anybody but to edify the truth. On their part, the public had condemned the fanfare that attended the superficial commissioning of the uncompleted project as a dramatic farce; a facade of the reality.

By that exposition, commentators observed that the opposition-inspired controversies must have been timed to reach a crescendo in the razzmatazz of the crazy cross-carpeting that marked latewhich cumulative consequence history has recorded as a cataclysmic adventurism. Ordinarily, facts on that road were too close to have made it a matter of debate.Search Filters. Book a great hotel in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom. Essien Udim 19 hotel s. Ikot Ekpene 13 hotel s.

Ikono 13 hotel s. Oko Ita 12 hotel s. Uyo Afaha Nkan 12 hotel s. Utu Ikot Ekpenyong 12 hotel s. Ikwek 9 hotel s. NtoEdino 7 hotel s. Odoro Ikpe 5 hotel s. Obot akara 4 hotel s. Ikot EkpeneAkwa Ibom - No. Its Capital, Uyo, is an enchanting city reminiscent of the beauty that the entire State exudes. Akwa Ibom is home to over 5 million people and the predominant language is the Ibibio language.

It is also renowned for the good roads which intricately networks the entire State. There a few interesting places to visit in Akwa Ibom to make your stay in the city memorable. The city is a top destination for football fanatics, fun lovers, students and foodies. These group of people can never run out of places to visit in Akwa Ibom. Foodies can look forward to eating their favourite morsel food with the famous afang soup, abak soup and afere ikon.

Other mouthwatering delicacies like anyan ekpang, asa iwa and oto ebre are also worth a try. Staying in Akwa Ibom is relatively cheap. Guests who visit the state might want to consider staying in Uyo, the state capital.

This area is known for its neatness and hospitality to outsiders. Guests can pick from one of the five star hotels in Uyo to fully enjoy their stay. MENU Hotels.

uyo to ikot ekpene

Chat using whatsapp web. Sign in to access exclusive member deals Sign in New here? Sign up.Akwa Ibom State, with ambitious desires for quick industrialisation and attainment of cosmopolitan status, is doing many things to achieve the goal but plagued by politicisation of projects. The recent announcement by the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. This is not the time to talk about the state of preparedness since the entry of the coronavirus into the country through an Italian expatriate ex-pat hired to work at a Lafarge plant in Ogun State.

Since the arrival of the colonial masters in the protectorates now called Nigeria, there has been one infectious contagious disease of epidemic proportion after another; but since the EBOLA virus episode of and now coronavirus COVID pandemic, we have all now realised why the colonialists established Infectious Disease Hospitals IDH in several parts of the country.

Why Work on Uyo-Ikot Ekpene Road Was Delayed

Over the years, those facilities had been left moribund and sometimes the personnel posted there saw their posting as punitive. The Federal Government has developed a National Action Plan for Health Security, which includes development and construction of Treatment and Isolation Facility in every state of the federation, creation of Emergency Operations Centres EOC at state and Primary Health Care levels, with financial implications for epidemic emergency preparedness.

Akwa Ibom State is a litoral state and is developing Ibom Deep Seaport and Industrial City in addition to the rapidly expanding airport terminal of international standard at the Victor Attah International Airport, Uyo. This means that the volume of international visitors would rapidly increase, and with it comes cross-border health challenges for port health facilities, hence the need to establish a functional facility that would cater for this new category of persons visitors, tourists, and residents.

Rather than build on and expand the long-standing and well-known Infectious Disease Hospital at Ikot Ekpene where the experienced personnel have been working and residing with their families, it seems questionable to refer to it as an isolation centre, maybe to pave way for the new centre to be sited at Ituk Mbang. Concerned about what looks like an outlandish development, Obong Aniekan Akpan, a one-time chairman of Eket local government area and a Public Affairs analyst, raised the alarm.

He said the Federal Government had directed the state governments in the country to expand such facilities in the existing IDH to save cost. Is there no room for a reward of patience and perseverance? Are they not entitled to see a new neighbourhood of modern buildings and facilities that excite their sight and imaginations? Is the bed bed Isolation Centre at Ituk Mbang under construction going to be a makeshift structure temporary or a permanent structure that will stand the test of time and meet international standards that will befit the Akwa Ibom of our dream?

When was the facility conceived and designed? Is it a copy and paste job or internet photo-shopped? What about the Bill of Measurements? At what point did the state FGPC process the procurement protocol? Questions and questions. Since it may be a futuristic project, why was it not sited at Ikot Ekpene while efforts will be made to replicate it in other senatorial districts as it seems we are in the season or days of politics for everything. It would have been more fortuitous to have leveraged on the memories of the IDH, Ikot Ekpene which may be in the archives of the London and Liverpool Schools of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, United Kingdom than a name not known in such fields.Chairman of the body, Mr.

Franklyn Isong, who spoke with newsmen yesterday in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, noted that it was by so doing that the plight of road users would be ameliorated. The Federal Government prior to the general elections in February this year had awarded the construction of the road to Julius Berger.

The company started work only to leave the site immediately after the general elections and since then, work had been halted at the site, thereby leaving the road in a deplorable condition. However, The Guardian learnt that the mobilisation fee approved for the project had not been fully released.

We call on the Federal Government to immediately mobilise contractors to site before the Christmas season to ameliorate the untold hardship of the road users.

The cost in terms of man-hours and damage to vehicles is better imagined than experienced. The cost to economies of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states, as well as Nigeria in general, is gargantuan.

According to the pro-democracy group, when the road was first captured in the budget of the present administration, the people of the area were happy with wild celebrations but wondered why the project had to stop after the general elections in the country. Transport fares on the road have quadrupled and travelling on the road is a nightmare. The prices of agricultural products in Akwa Ibom and Cross River states have skyrocketed on account of the deplorable nature of this very important road.

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Stocked a Farm at Ikot ekpene Akwa Ibom With Ready to Grasscutters

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Subscribe to the ViaMichelin newsletter. Thank you!When it gets to Southeast, they will contract one local contractor to use our roads and learn work.

uyo to ikot ekpene

What is our sin to Nigeria? Atouke : Idiok ke! Ake mfo? Yahman1 : Idem mmo ki Idem ntere k'de. Will we keep experimenting roads with potholes in the name of giving indigenous contractor?

Which gov will like to repair a road that has already been awarded and was completed but shady? When u say the money will be spent in Akwa ibom, are u the financial secretary to the company owners? Tomorrow won't you see them buying houses in different countries or sending their children abroad for schooling or you want to tell me they are spending it in Akwa ibom? So buying houses abroad and sending kids abroad to study should be the exclusive reserve of foreign construction companies?

Indeginous contractors do good jobs where they are gaps the government can ask them to correct it. It's even easier for govt to go after indeginous contractors for remediation if contracts go awry, because everyone knows where those companies are housed. Foreign companies will just pack their bags and fly home to wherever they came from.

Hensek, seyang etc are doing good and they are indeginous. Atouke : So buying houses abroad and sending kids abroad to study should be the exclusive reserve of foreign construction companies? So seyang is now indigenous name?

CLO seeks completion of Ikot Ekpene-Itu-Calabar road

No need arguing with u cos u won't agree. Atouke : What's more important, to complete the road or to build a flyover? The government has explained that a round about will be sufficient for the city of ikot ekpene until such a time it will be necessary to build one.

The ekom Iman junction requires a flyover immediately because of the number of accidents recorded there according to the state government. You should take the government by its word, flyover are not status symbols. FYI the city of ikot Ekpene looks great with the roundabout and the construction is not even finished but its already a beauty to behold. You are right, my brother; there have been too many accidents and its attendant deaths at that Ekom Iman junction. The roundabout was long overdue and it is needed there more than in Ikot Ekpene!

The guy is right, 3weeks is even 2 much. But the road this guys are building now is nothing to right Example UYO Eket road. Its a shame that barely a month of completion there's a rehabilitation work on the same road Currently Julius Berger is handling ikot Ekpene uyo, a flyover at ekom Iman junction and are also involved in parts of the eket to uyo road. And they are handling major drainage construction in the state, while CCECChas the bulk of the Uyo to eket contracts.

They built the jubilee syringe factory, they built the king flour mill both completed and in Use and are currently building the coconut and palm kernels oil refinery.In Nigeria, akwa ibom postal code is also part of the Nigerian Postal code and which also comprises of uyo postal code you need this knowledge to get information on the basics postal code needed. Many people want to know about Akwa Ibom state postal code to get the necessary knowledge for this we have written an article to cover this and to answer the numerous questions asked on Akwa Ibom Postal codes and Zip cosdes.

But before we proceed, it is important to know the meaning and definitions of the term Zip Codes and Postal codes. Zip Codes are also referred to as postal codes. These are special numbers given by the Nigerian Postal service for easy identification and delivery of mails.

The Postal code for your city or area starts with a specific number. Like we have other postal codes in other states, we also have Akwa Ibom zip code in Akwa Ibom State which is our major focus of this post. It is good to know the postal code for your place especially the place of your residents. Basically, you will find all the areas in Uyo Local Government Area and their Zip codes for you to wherever you are searching for in Uyo L.

Read Also : Uniuyo Academic Calendar The Uyo postal code is what we wrote this article to strictly focus on we have seen the need to concentrate on uyo postal code which is a knowledge needed for you to go on with your postal service and operations. There are many people who wan t s the knowledge of this article because many of the are actually expecting a mail to be sentg to them, hence the need to to haved a full knowledge of the uyo postal code. Uyo Local Government is no doubt a city in the Akwa Ibom state and records a lot of immigrants from both south east and south west.

Our next article on postal code will actually cover A kwa ibom state zip code that is other Local Government in Akwa Ibom State and their postal codes so it is very important that you keep an eye for our next article. We know that over the years certain updates on certain postal codes has come up and hence the need to let you know the actual postal codes for Uyo in Akwa Ibom states.

We have understood that most websites who have put up a post on uyo postal code does not actually include Nwaniba Postal Code which many persons have lacked behind. However, The Ikpa Road postal code is while the itu Road postal code is there are other postal codes in this article which are under Uyo Postal code.

uyo to ikot ekpene

Hope you have been informed about this article on Uyo postal Code. We hope to provide you with more dedtailed information concerning Nigerian Zip codes and Uyo Postal Code.

Leveraging On Memories Of Infectious Diseases Hospital

What is that thing that has not been mentioned in this article, the area that we have not cover we wants to know so that we can regularly update this article on Uyo Postal Code.

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