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Nuhoch Mastery Vendors are Nuhoch merchants who will only trade with players after they have learned the Nuhoch Language Mastery. Unlock: You must unlock the Mastery ability Nuhoch Language to purchase from this vendor.


Unlock: You must unlock the Mastery ability Nuhoch Language and unlock the appropriate collection to purchase this item. Click here to edit this table. Categories : Heart of Thorns content Hylek Merchants. Hidden category: Pages using DynamicPageList parser function.

Click to enlarge. Interactive map Underground. Personal Crystallized Supply Cache Voucher. E Rare. Ley-Line Crystal Essence. Vial of Chak Acid. Vial of Chak Acid 5. Recipe: Trailblazer's Intricate Gossamer Insignia.

F Exotic. Recipe: Trailblazer's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription. Recipe: Exquisite Lily Jewel. Recipe: Pahua's Trailblazer's Insignia. G Ascended. Recipe: Pahua's Trailblazer's Inscription. Superior Rune of Surging. Superior Sigil of Draining. Recipe: Bag of Cassava Flour. C Fine. Recipe: Pile of Jerk Spices. Mini Nuhoch. Endless Nuhoch Tonic.

TonicNovelty. Recipe: Bowl of Sawgill Mushroom Risotto. D Masterwork.

gw2 ley energy

Recipe: Jerk Poultry Flatbread Sandwich. Recipe: Bowl of Mussel Soup.I have this Ley-Energy Matter Converter thing, and when I double-click it, a merchant window appears that will let me choose on the first tab between some keys from the HoT maps, a machete, a vial of Chak acid, an exalted key or a pact crowbar. The thing here is, if I choose the chak acid, I will get it immediately, but if I choose the pact crowbar, I am asked if I am really sure.

Why this inconsitency? So I just ignore minor bugs like these now. To defeat the dragons, see the good in them. Zhaitan reunites lost ones, primordus creates fertile land, mordremoth spreads the green, and jormag. Who's that? February 11, in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website.

Hi, I have this Ley-Energy Matter Converter thing, and when I double-click it, a merchant window appears that will let me choose on the first tab between some keys from the HoT maps, a machete, a vial of Chak acid, an exalted key or a pact crowbar.

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gw2 ley energy

Go To Top.Dulfy 41 Comments Jun 28, If you have completed the previous episodes, you should have gotten a mail from Ela Makkay, talking to her will give you the Ley Line Researched achievement and a Ley-Infused Lodestone. This event has a 2 hr respawn time and occurs 20 minutes past the hour.

It will rotate maps so it will occur in the same map every 6 hrs. For UTC it is every even hour. It will star running with a breakbar. Until you break that breakbar, it is invulnerable and will not stop. Coalescences will spawn elsewhere in the map along the path that the Ley-Line Anomaly will run. They appear as crossed swords on the map and must be killed before the Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly reaches it if you want that achievement. Once you break that breakbar, it will stop and anomaly fragments will spawn around it.

Stop them from reaching and powering up the legendary anomaly by killing them. Repeat this 4 times to kill it. This event rewards 1 Mystic Coins and some other loots rare, junk that sells for 50s once per day, so it is worth doing them daily if you need the Mystic Coins.

The coalescence spawn elsewhere in the map and you just need a group that find them and kill them before the Legendary Anomaly reaches it to get the achievement. They appear as crossed swords icon on the map. They have added 6 new achievements for some old events at Blazeridge Steppes and new events in Mount Maelstrom and Snowden Drifts. You cannot advance on achievements for both Consortium and Priority at the same time if they are at the same location since you now get a buff declaring which supporter you are.

Is there even any point to buying more than 1? For example, is it like the Bandit Marks of Death where you need to have one in your inventory in order to be eligible for the rewards?

The event spawns the Anomaly- but it also spawns three sub-events that the anomaly walks to.

Ley-Energy Matter Converter

These are marked on the map with crossed swords for the enemies, and 6 coalescences spawn at each. These are what you kill before he arrives there to get the 25 point achievement. The path you showed on Timberline Falls is not the same one mine followed, so there are probably multiple paths. It also has been having an effect on how much credit players are getting.

No one on the maps I have been on have ever got gold, despite having been there for the entire thing.

Guild Wars 2 The Cosmos Part 3/3

The iron marches one can also go the opposite direction. It started in the north point and headed south this last time. Hey how does one start with the previous events?

Just gotten back into Gw2 and did not get any mail. You need to kill dragon minions of any dragon, so risen, branded, destroyers, icebrood to get an unidentified lodestone. Bring that to Ela Makkay and you can get started.If you can read this then maybe : - You are still loading the website slowly ; ignore this message.

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Crystallized Ley-Energy

These dictate events that lead into and during Living World Season 3. Some of these achievements may be hidden until you encounter the mobs that trigger them.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 15 Aug pm. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Developers ArenaNet. Release Date October 23, Table of Contents. Conservation of Magic Complete each task to stay on top of the overflow of magic. Fiona's Stockpile In Snowden Driftssuccessfully stop the Inquest from capturing ley-line coalescences after contributing ley energy to the Priory. Flinnz's Retirement In Blazeridge Steppessuccessfully stop the Inquest from capturing ley-line coalescences after contributing ley energy to the Consortium.

Garen's Defense In Mount Maelstromsuccessfully stop the Inquest from capturing ley-line coalescences after contributing ley energy to the Priory. Hold the Line Don't allow any accumulated ley-line magic to be absorbed by dragon minions. Keadin's Study In Blazeridge Steppessuccessfully stop the Inquest from capturing ley-line coalescences after contributing ley energy to the Priory.

Ley-Line Cartography Prevent dragon minions from absorbing the ley-line magic that has accumulated across Tyria. Ley-Line "Research" Assist the Consortium in collecting accumulated ley energy. Ley-Line Research Assist the Priory in collecting accumulated ley energy. Ley of the Land Speak with Ela Makkay about surging magical energy. Loonaloo's Paycheck In Mount Maelstromsuccessfully stop the Inquest from capturing ley-line coalescences after contributing ley energy to the Consortium.

gw2 ley energy

Magic Dispersed Defeat 5 coalescences to disperse their magic back to the ley-lines. Out of the Wrong Hands Successfully stop the Inquest from capturing ley-line coalescences.The transcendent magic channels that span the globe. Old-fashioned synergetics texts call them ley lines. Normally you can't see them or touch them, but they're real. Magic finds its own path, like rivers running to the sea. The ley lines that criss-cross the world are the channels via which magicthe lifeblood of Tyria, flows through everything.

The Thaumanova Reactor was built atop an intersection of ley lines, and the research there, conducted by the Inquest with the aid of Scarlet Briarwas able to identify them. However, conducting the research at such an intersection caused a massive disaster. Of note is the fact that Scarlet called the energy flowing into the reactor "dragon" energy.

In late AEmysterious probesbuilt by the Molten Alliancebegan appearing across the northern continentapparently searching for a magical location. The probe in Sanctum Harborin Lion's Archsoon began acting strangely, and before long a massive invasion force acting at the behest of Scarlet had arrived, razing the city and securing the ruins.

Meanwhile, her gargantuan drill, the Breachmakerdescended on the harbor, drilling into the ground beneath Old Lion's Arch. Probes also appeared in the Mistsindicating that Scarlet Briar was looking for something in the Mists in the same manner she searched for ley lines.

Lionguard forces that boarded the Breachmaker after Scarlet's defeat saw on the display that there was indeed a convergence of ley lines in the harbor, some of them narrow, but one of them quite wide. Not long after, the Breachmaker apparently found its target, and disrupted the flow of magic in a major ley line that led west into the Heart of Maguumagaining the attention of the slumbering Elder Dragon Mordremoth.

Scarlet's massive airship drill Breachmaker bores into the major ley line in Sanctum Harbor. This article is about the lore of ley lines in Tyria.

gw2 ley energy

For the gliding object, see Ley line object. Category : Magic.The fact that all of the involved events are group events which don't offer any interesting rewards of people who have already gotten the achievements means there are hardly ever enough players to successfully complete them. Groups for doing them are super-rare on the LFG and using map chat to find more players to find when the events pop is a lost cause at least in Mount Maelstrom. Been trying for a week to complete the meta-achievement but almost always it's just me and, if I'm lucky, one other person doing the event, which obviously isn't enough.

There really needs to be some change, the most difficult part of an event shouldn't be finding enough people so that you at least can have a fighting chance.

Have you tried when it's the designated 'Daily Event' map? Usually more players looking to do events, then. I never had any trouble with it and I didn't start until probably a year after the achievements were added to the game.

The only times I couldn't get enough people was when someone else was doing the same as I, so I just joined their group. I believe we ended up failing twice, usually because people didn't run enough ley energy. Hype is the path to the dark side. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations. Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to disgust. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies! I'm back! It's possible and not even hard, sorry. I just commanded a really big squad last week.

Open LFG, type "conservation of magic event train" and then wait at the starting location. I did most of it on a single day. Just dont forget to explain the event and the achievements requirements.